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Set of 4 AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors


Protect your alloy wheels from scuffs and scratches caused by kerb and pothole damage with AlloyGator alloy wheel rim protectors. Manufactured from blended super tough nylon, and engineered to be physically integrated between a tyre and alloy, AlloyGator offers market leading, robust and unrivalled wheel rim protection.


How To Install AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

Full Fitting Instructions and Care Advice are provided with every set of AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protectors. We strongly advise that your read the instructions prior to commencing the fitting process. To read the guide prior to buying click here or view our comprehensive fitting video to the right. Please be sure to read and understand the Care Advice, as failure to follow this could invalidate your Warranty. Avoid harsh acid based chemical wheel cleaning products as they may discolour your AlloyGator Wheel Rim Protectors.


AlloyGator Wheel Protectors

Manufactured in the UK, AlloyGators are designed to protect your alloy wheels rims from kerb and pothole damage, as well as road impacts and other unexpected road hazards. Available in 14 colours, keep your alloy wheel protection subtle or add touch of style to your alloy wheels.

Made from super tough blended nylon composite, UV stabilisers and impact modifiers, AlloyGator Wheel Protectors offer the most versatile and robust wheel protection products available for varying climates and road conditions.

MIRA and TUV approved, AlloyGators are the only alloy wheel rim protection product on the market that has been rigorously tested to evidence its quality and safety at high speeds and varying road conditions.

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors offer an affordable alternative to repairing costly alloy wheel damage, by hiding existing scuffs and scratches around an alloy rim whilst protecting from further damage in the future.

What’s in in the box?

  • 4 AlloyGator Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors
  • 6 AlloyGator embossed joining clips
  • Stainless steel securing clips
  • 2g AlloyGator super bond adhesive
  • Suitability gauge
  • Fitting instructions and care advice

Are Your Alloy Wheels Suitable for AlloyGators?

AlloyGators can be fitted to wheels which have between 12 and a 24-inch wheel diameter. Though suitable for 98% of all wheel and tyre combination, before installing AlloyGators we recommend that customers check the suitability of their combination on all wheels on their vehicle using the suitability gauge found within the box. Find out how to use the suitability gauge here.

AlloyGators are not recommended for diamond cut or machine polished alloy wheels. Although fitting the product will offer protection against damage, due to possible imperfections in the lacquered wheel surface, AlloyGators can increase the risk of moisture corrosion. However, providing there is no minute damage to the wheel surface, fitting AlloyGator Wheel Protectors will not accelerate damage on its own. AlloyGator Limited accepts no liability if the product is fitted and such damage occurs.

AlloyGator are not suitable for vehicles weighing over 2500kg, this includes vehicles weighing less than 2500kg, but carrying luggage or passenger weight that causes the overall vehicle weight to exceed 2500kg.

If you are unsure about the weight of your vehicle or would like some fitting advice, use our Find a Fitter search to locate an official, trained AlloyGator fitter in your local area. Our fitters are trained by us and can provide you with advice about the suitability of your vehicle, and your wheel and tyre combination.

AlloyGator Limited accepts no liability for profile movement or any damage caused by an AlloyGator profile fitted to a vehicle that weighs in excess of 2500kg. This includes vehicles weighing less than 2500kg, but carrying luggage or passenger weight that causes the overall vehicle weight to exceed 2500kg.

Additional information

Wheel Size

12" – 24"


Black, Graphite, Silver, White, Bronze, Gold, Blue, Purple, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red

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